Foreign Aid

While Democrats and Republicans have been debating morality and the best use of money to be spent we thought it would be good to take a look at what money has already been spent: particularly in regards to foreign aid. As of this writing the website has the U.S. national debt fast approaching $22 TRILLION!!!  I know…

U.S. National Debt, Foreign Aid

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Immigration Probation

The case for Probationary Resident Status There are an estimated 11 – 22 million undocumented immigrants in the United States presently. When a person is found guilty of a crime and sentenced to prison, unless given a life sentence there is a date when the person will complete their sentence and be released.  When a person is…

Immigration, Probation

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At The Centrist POV we are strongly against indoctrination of any kind. Radical ideas come from all sides and usually have an agenda that is hidden in plain sight.  Today we are going to discuss the progressive lefts agenda to de-masculinize the male race.  First, lets look at the definition of both words and see how conflating the…

Gillette, Toxic Masculinity

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Who Said What

While the Federal Government is still shut down over whether or not to continue the construction of a border wall/fence/barrier/steel slats on our Southern border I thought it would be good to take a historical look at who said what on this topic.  Obviously administrations have changed and so have some of the roles of the…

Obama, Clinton, Schumer

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