About The Book

The War For The Middle – Navigating The Landmines Of The Politics That Divide Us is a fascinating look into modern day politics, good vs. evil, the media and how they have all brought our country to the brink of civil war.  Written from a centrist point of view, B.H. Bucci gives us a unique analysis into the evolution of our modern day two party political system.  In the pages to come you will learn the role the media plays in keeping the status quo and how the powers that be and the Fourth Estate ultimately influenced the 2016 election in favor of Donald Trump and to the detriment of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.  One part history lesson and two parts sobering truth, The War For The Middle provides a recipe for seeing our elected leaders and truth seekers for who they really are.  When talking points and hot button issues are used as weapons to divide us, rhetoric turns into bombs aimed at the heart of those in the middle; making the center a lonely place.  Bucci shows us how to defuse those landmines and turn them into a force for good, bringing our country closer together instead of tearing us apart.

About The Author

A proud American and centrist at heart, B.H. Bucci felt compelled to write The War For The Middle after seeing how our country has devolved into rhetorical fueled violence inspired by elected leaders along with a media who has done little in the way to defuse it. B.H. Bucci felt someone had to do something to point out these acts of selfish greed which has torn our country apart! With the spotlight of truth shined brightly on those responsible, the goal of this book and the author is to show the reader we have more in common than we are led to believe. All wars should have a path to an end. With dialogue and an open mind, this book may be the way.

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