Ranking The Rest

In this post, I’m going to do an analysis of the remaining 2020 Presidential candidates on the Democratic ticket. The field has thinned down from the low 20’s to 15 and now just 8. This month we have seen a healthy dose of reality check being administered to the dearly departed. Their hopes of preparing acceptance speeches, picking cabinet members and backing up the U-Haul truck to the front of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave are now just a tearful dream. Best wishes to all who ran. May your more realistic plans of being selected as Vice President or Secretary of State come true. Remember, there’s always next time!

So, here are the remaining candidates and in no particular order:

  1. Joe Biden
  2. Michael Bloomberg
  3. Pete Buttigieg
  4. Tulsi Gabbard
  5. Amy Klobuchar
  6. Bernie Sanders
  7. Tom Steyer
  8. Elizabeth Warren

The Iowa caucuses were held and let’s say the results were inconclusive at best. The top five in that state were Sanders, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, Warren, and Biden.

Next, we had the New Hampshire primaries. The top five were the same. Tom Steyer came in sixth and Tulsi Gabbard came in a close seventh. Due to prior polling and donor requirements, Bloomberg did not qualify.

So who will be next on the chopping block and who will live to debate another day? Although I have been spot on so far with my picks my crystal ball is still on the fritz. Meaning I was correct in my choices for who has been eliminated thus far, just not accurate in the order. The end result is all that matters.

If you’ve listened to the post mortem analysis of why Biden has not resonated with voters you will most likely have heard a DNC approved talking point. That being that the voters in Iowa and New Hampshire do not truly represent the diversity of the majority of the country. For those who don’t understand the spin, what that translates to is that old white people are the reason why the 77-year-old former Vice President was unfairly discriminated against. Never mind that Sanders is 78, Warren is 70 and all three are white along with the much younger Buttigieg who is 38. Let’s not forget Klobuchar, who splits the age gap at 59 and yes, she is white too.

So, let’s shake the tree and get rid of the low hanging fruit. The first to hit the ground is my favorite of them all, Tulsi Gabbard. I like Tulsi because she is the only candidate who made sincere attempts to speak to those of us in the middle. She was fearless in her rebukes of the two-party system and did everything she could to fight the powers that be, including those in her own party. That being said, you need friends in high places and she burned a lot of bridges. 

When the DNC’s favorite network CNN blacklists you from town hall events and gives prime time coverage to since departed candidates who were polling lower than her, you knew the fix was in. 

I give her a lot of credit for hanging in there. If she’s not selected as a potential running mate or cabinet member look to see her as a contributor next year on a major cable news network.

Next to hit the ground is Tom Steyer. His message of climate change is an important conversation to have but is not resonating as the most important issue to those who’ve been polled or voted thus far. 

With two other Billionaires in the race and Steyer not having the name recognition of either, not to mention how many on the far left love to vilify people with 10 digits in the bank, his hopes of becoming president will end with a costly vanity price tag.

Elizabeth Warren. She should have taken a queue from her failed DNA test that she proudly and falsely promoted as proving her 1/1024th % ties to Native American heritage. If your entire adult life and career are predicated on false pretenses eventually people will find out the truth and her teepee will come crashing down. 

That being said she is still a Senator and most likely retains her seat when she’s up for re-election.

Next up might be a shocker considering his recent performance. Pete Buttigieg. The media has been falsely labeling the former Mayor of South Bend as a moderate. If you look at his former speeches and policies he is a younger version of Bernie Sanders to a tee. The DNC may have room for Socialists on the down-ballot but only has space for one at the top of the ticket. Bernie has that position locked. Eventually, all the money raised from wealthy elites in wine caves will run out and Pete will go on to bigger and brighter things. I could see him becoming an associate at a big-name law firm or making money behind the scenes in Hollywood. He definitely won’t be returning to his mid-western roots.

Michael Bloomberg. 

The former New York City Mayor who prefers to be called Mike has come under serious fire. An audiotape and video from a few years ago recently surfaced. 

In it, he defended his controversial stop and frisk policies, which were started by his predecessor. He also went as far as to say white people were stopped too much and minorities not enough. His reasoning was that 95% of all criminals fit the same profile. That being male, ages 16-25 and minority. If that doesn’t spell racial profiling I don’t know what does! To date, Bloomberg has spent over $300 million on advertising including a $10 million ad buy during the Super Bowl. Though many in the media are hoping he will win the big game in the primaries and score a touch down in the general election, this leaked audio will prove to be a penalty that is too costly to overcome. All the money in the world can’t erase the past!

That leaves us with Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Amy Klobuchar.

In my previous posts, I had Joe Biden at the finish line with Sanders running third behind Warren. The beauty of time is that we can see where candidates went wrong. For Joe, it was every time he opened his mouth. 

Unfortunately, time has not been kind for the decades’ long public servant. Forget the fact that many on the right would have you believe he and his son Hunter were on trial during the Trump impeachment hearings. What happened to Joe was something that happens to the best and all of us, old age. Joe Biden 2016 would have shown a sharper, crisper candidate who would have bested Trump without breaking a sweat. With an economy on the rise and a highly liked 44th President by his side, it would have been hard for him to lose. The death of his son Bo and pressure from the DNC to let Hillary take the mantle sidetracked those dreams. With gaffes galore and mental faculties appearing to give way to senile decay Joe Biden will have to take solace in having a political career that many of his peers would envy.

And then there were two.

This one’s a toss-up and could go either way. Here is the way it should go if the DNC wants any chance of winning.

The runner up will once again be Bernie Sanders. Why? Socialism sucks, that’s why! As much as broke college students with mounting debt would love to have it all wiped away, that is not a reality the rest of the country will accept. The same goes for liberal Hollywood elites who are wealthy and should know better. After all, if this weren’t a Capitalist country, they wouldn’t be allowed to earn as much as they have, let alone keep the majority of it. Socialism has never worked in any country it’s been attempted in. Venezuela is a recent confirmation of that. If those same college kids are looking for someplace exotic to visit on their next Spring Break trip, I’m sure the local population who have been on government-imposed diets due to food shortages, would love their financial support.

Amy Klobuchar. This pick has made a lot of sense to me in recent weeks. Besides having a track record of winning in a purple state she is as close to a moderate as you can find outside of Tulsi. Unlike Tulsi, Amy has not burned any bridges. She has more experience than Mayor Pete: the experience that comes with age and winning several successful political campaigns. Though she is not as old as Sanders, Warren or Biden that could prove to her advantage for voters who are looking for someone who has the potential of completing a full four-year term and possibly a second without the health concerns that have unfortunately afflicted Bernie. She’s also a woman. In the wake of the Me Too movement, it would make sense that she could look to the past presidents and say ‘me too’ when addressing the youth.

What elections all boil down to are electability and money. Even the most electable candidate gains little traction without adequate funding. Having millions in the bank doesn’t guarantee success. If it did Tom Steyer would be polling much higher. The person that wins elections not only has deep pockets and grassroots support they have something money can’t buy; personality.

All the successful two-term presidents had a way with words that would make you overlook their failed policies or personal transgressions. Bill Clinton was charming, Obama was cool and Reagan was Hollywood personified. It’s yet to be seen if Trump’s ability to connect to the masses with simple doublespeak language will overcome his Twitter tantrums and demeaning name-calling of anyone who disagrees with him. A successful economy and record low unemployment may not be enough to keep the impeached commander in chief from reclaiming his throne. Only time will tell. What’s for certain is that whoever comes out on top in the primaries better bring their A-Game come November. They’ll need a running mate that can bring the fight and bring home the message of what they’re fighting for. I have my thoughts on who that could be but will keep that to myself until we see who’s left standing. May the best person win!

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