Good VS Evil

Politicians are notorious for badmouthing their opponents and painting them as the worst thing that could happen for a country if they are elected. It’s trash talking on a national level. Every two and four years the most important elections of our lifetime occur. Pundits on TV bloviate about the misgivings of the party they are paid to hate. They may have a strong personal dislike for that party. Having a salary to promote that bias masked as journalism makes doing that job all the more easier.

As we look back at this past year with only the nation’s third ever-successful Articles of Impeachment approved we now look forward to the drama of 2019 carrying forward into 2020. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has decided to let Trump simmer before she gives those articles to the Senate. Some might be wondering why? What’s the point of delaying the inevitable?

What you are witnessing is political chess on a grandmaster level. I have a knack for reading people. It’s something I developed through years of being a salesman in the past. My passion for politics and being a former Democrat/Republican and current Independent also allows me to have an unbiased understanding of the positions our elected officials take.

The obvious question someone might ask is why did Democrats move at a record pace to impeach the President just to bring that process to a grinding halt? The simple answer is political promises. What does that mean? What are the promises made by Democrats and whom were they made to? That’s where we revisit the 2018-midterm elections to find the answer.

Every two years the entire House of Representatives runs for office. This is why you see large swings with the balance of power shifting frequently. When approximately 40 incumbent Republicans decided to retire, Democrats who ran as moderates were elected to take their place. Of the Democrats who ran for office one of the main promises made to their constituents was to impeach the President. That same promise was made amongst each other when determining who would lead the various committees. Although it seems like Democrats rushed the impeachment process, which lasted close to three months, it was actually in the works since Trump was sworn in as President. Nancy Pelosi famously attested as much when she said they were working on this for the past two and a half years.

The talking points against Trump are that he is turning this country into a dictatorship. He is bad for the country. He doesn’t care about the middle class or poor, only the rich. He is a racist. Misogynistic. He is an anti-immigrant. Hates Muslims, Jews and anyone else who doesn’t believe in his religion of choice. He is evil and the country will forever be changed for the worse if he is allowed to remain in office for the remainder of his term. He most certainly cannot be allowed to run for reelection. His brand of white nationalism only promotes hate. He is an agent of Russia and should be found guilty of treason, imprisoned and sentenced to death. If he is not removed from office Democrats will continue to impeach him because they represent all that is good and are fighting for the future of our nation’s survival.

If all of that is true what is the hold up on submitting the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate? Why did they rush to impeach the President before they went away for the end of year break? Though it’s just a hunch, the cynic in me believes it was a ‘promises made’ Christmas gift to their constituents and donors. What better way to celebrate the holidays than by giving their base what they were wishing for since Trump was elected? Since every member of the House runs for office every two years, the impeachment will surely be promoted while they are out fundraising.

Be careful what you wish for. Republicans are no slouch when it comes to raising money. So much so that this impeachment has fired up the right-wing base in a big way. The following is an excerpt from a December 19, 2019 article posted on by reporter Zachary Evans.

The Republican National Committee raised $20.6 million in November amid impeachment proceedings against President Trump, Fox News reported on Thursday.

It was the best November on record for the RNC, the committee said. The RNC holds $63.2 million in cash on hand, the most since the 2012 election cycle.

The RNC has used Democrats’ impeachment efforts to drive fundraising, notably with its “Stop the Madness” campaign launched in September that aims to push back against the impeachment.

The Trump reelection campaign has also seen high levels of fundraising, including on Wednesday when the House voted to impeach the President.

“@RealDonaldTrump has raised over 5M dollars (still growing) today as Americans use their wallet to show support against @SpeakerPelosi’s impeachment hoax!” Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale wrote on Twitter.

The RNC had announced in October that it broke a record for presidential fundraising in the third quarter, raking in $125 million in election funds.

 “We are investing millions on the airwaves and on the ground to hold House Democrats accountable, highlight their obstruction, and take back the House and reelect President Trump in 2020,” McDaniel said at the time.

With all of the money being raised by both parties those funds have to come from somewhere. The large dollar donations typically come from the Billionaire class and corporations who are looking to have legislation crafted in their favor. Again, this occurs on both sides of the aisle. What also happens are the small-dollar donations that come from everyday people. Those are the people who are at the heart of every grassroots campaign. Without those contributions, candidates cannot build momentum and most certainly cannot appear on primary debate stages.

The 2016 Presidential election saw combined political advertising exceed a billion dollars. That’s a lot of money for a position that has an annual salary of $400K. Trump doesn’t even take a salary. He donates it to various departments and charities. The struggle for power has greater economic benefits. Not to mention the ego-stroking and being only one of a handful of people who will be forever remembered in the history books as president.

When you see the upcoming political commercials and watch the debates a familiar theme will be promoted. Candidates and political pundits alike will lionize and vilify. The age-old battle of good versus evil will once again take over the airwaves and our national conversation. The reason why this is done is to draw a stark contrast between the two opponents. What better way to say vote for me or the country will go to hell in a handbasket if you elect them. Now take that train of thought and apply it to the current impeachment debate.

When you listen to the points made by Democrats and Republicans you will be asked to decide on morality. Who is good and best for the country and who is bad? Is Trump all of the evil things they claim him to be or is this an example of politics 101? Since the question of good versus evil plays on our emotions more than actual debates over policy decisions I’ve included the simple definition of good versus evil from

The meaning of good and evil means the ability to empathize with other people, to feel compassion for them, and to put their needs before your own. It means, if necessary, sacrificing your own well being for the sake of others’.

That definition is at the heart of every debate. Successful politicians are those whose words evoke passion. Fear mongers’ have that same skill. Put the two together and you have all the makings of a political impeachment that runs into the next presidential election campaign. For some, facts matter more than feelings. For others, it’s how they feel about the candidate emotionally. Ultimately, whether you believe someone running for elected office is good or evil is entirely influenced by the messaging those politicians promote. There is a reason why negative attack ads dominate the airwaves. It’s sensationalism. The same reason why crimes against humanity and tragic events always take first place during nightly news broadcasts. If you can strip away the emotion you will see that the upcoming election and current impeachment debate has little to do with morality and everything to do with power.

2020 Election Impeachment Hearings

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