Is Government The Answer

There’s no wrong or right answer to this question.  How you feel about it speaks volumes about what you believe and how you were raised. It also is a good indicator of the financial decisions you have made and what your situation is now.  Is government the answer to none, some or all of yours and our countries problems?  Is the government itself the problem?  If we have a government of the people, by the people, and for the people are we the problem and the answer to that problem?  It can get really deep and complex on a philosophical level if you begin to internalize the question.

Do you think the government is responsible for securing your financial future and should pay for all of your needs?  Democratic challengers to the president have been promoting that message.  We live in a free market society.  This country was founded on the belief of people being ultimately responsible for their own survival.  Many on the progressive left believe rich people are to blame and have more money than they deserve and should pay more in taxes because it’s fair. If you made poor decisions in life and are completely reliant on the government to survive do you begrudge another persons success?  If you do socialism is probably very appealing to you.

A lot of people who are barely making ends meet work for a wage that is paid by their employer.  If they work for a large corporation that employs thousands of people there’s a good chance that the CEO of that company receives a salary in the seven figures.  Are you jealous of the salary they receive?  Is it wrong for them to get paid more in one year than you will probably make in a lifetime working at the same place?  Some of those CEO’s spent years at the company working their way up from the bottom to where they finally are now.  The position was not handed to them on a silver platter; they earned it with hard work and perseverance.  Should they be allowed to earn seven figures or should the government be able to dictate how much money they can be paid?  If yes, should the same line of thought be directed towards corporate profits?

When you look at corporate profits the tax breaks implemented recently by the Trump administration had an immediate impact on tax revenue received from corporations.  Are you on the side of those who believe the difference in revenue to the government was money lost by the government or money kept by the entity that earned it, the corporation?  If you answered yes, that was the government’s money, not the corporations, how do you feel about taxes when it’s time to file your tax return?  Do you tell your accountant to look for every deduction possible so you can pay less in taxes or do you tell them I want to pay my fair share?  The tax breaks implemented by Trump also saw individuals receiving a reduction in federal tax rates along with a doubling in exemptions. The additional money you are seeing in your paycheck is money the government no longer receives.  Should you give it back?

Elizabeth Warren and some of her colleagues have promoted student loan debt elimination.  With over 42 million people in this country having some amount of student loans there’s a good chance you or someone you know is making monthly payments or are in default.  Hearing a candidate for president say they will wipe the debt clean may sound awesome!  Who wants to pay for loans if they don’t have to?  Depending on how much debt you borrowed you may have a short or long time left on that loan until it’s finally paid off.  Warren claims taxing millionaires will cover all of the $1.5 Trillion dollars in government-backed student loan obligations.  When her math is off as all initial government estimates are inaccurate and they have to impose a tax to everyone like social security and other social welfare programs you will go from having an end date for your student loan payments to making everyone else’s student loan payments forever.

Bill de Blasio, mayor of New York City wants to expand his universal pre-k program currently implemented in the city to the entire country if he gets elected.  Pre-k for children is expensive.  Who wouldn’t want to avoid that expense and have someone be able to watch and teach their kids for free until they are ready for Kindergarten? The mayor pays for that program through one of the city’s various tax methods.  Living in that city is expensive as it is.  The residents are so used to paying more for everything that they take the additional burden of paying for other people’s kid’s daycare as a cost of living in the city.  People who have had enough of being overtaxed are amongst the many residents of that state who have left for warmer climates and less taxing policies.  If de Blasio becomes president prepare to pay for daycare forever.

Universal healthcare has been the goal of the Democratic Party for as long as I can remember. Presently health insurance in this country is provided by the government in the form of Medicare for elderly patients and Medicaid for the indigent.  Everyone else either receives insurance privately or not at all. Insurance companies have a vested interest in keeping the present insurance model the way it is.  You can buy almost anything in this country across state lines except for health insurance.  This is something that lobbyists for that industry have fought tooth and nail against because they know if it is allowed it will force the companies to bring down their prices and compete for your business.  Having the entire insurance industry taken over by the government and outlawing private insurance companies is a future Kamala Harris envisions. Anyone who currently works in that industry will have to find a new career or look for a job at the V.A. If Harris wins and abolishes private insurance I’m sure they will be hiring. I’m not an expert on the V.A. but can’t say I’ve ever heard anything positive about the service veterans receive or the wait times for treatment.  If the government can’t take care of our veteran’s healthcare needs, what will happen when they have to take care of the entire country?

Is the government the answer?  When it comes to protecting our country against foreign and domestic enemies the answer is yes.  When it comes to negotiating trade policies with other nations the answer is yes. When it comes to representing it’s citizens on a global stage at the United Nations and fostering relationships with allies abroad the answer is yes.  When it comes to protecting the interior through enforcement of our border thereby maintaining our right to be a sovereign nation the answer is yes. For every other policy promoted by those who are seeking to be the commander in chief in the highest office of the land, the answer is up to you.  How you vote and ultimately who wins will be a referendum on what kind of country you want to live in.  If the Democratic message of government taxing the rich and providing more services to the masses appeals to you this election is a no brainer.  If you like the direction of the current administration your decision is most likely made up.  For everyone else who likes what they hear on both sides and believes there is a voice that is somewhere in the middle stay tuned.  The party is just getting started and the election season has only just begun.  Soon the crowded Democratic field of contenders will be thinned one by one. Come next fall we will know who the face of the DNC will be and who will face Trump on the grandest stage of all. There can only be one victor and it will be up to you to decide who it will be.  Is government the answer?  The question is, are we?

DNC vs RNC, Socialism vs Capitalism

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