Mirror Mirror

This post is from chapter two of my book The War For The Middle entitled Good vs. Evil. I hope it encourages you to vote for the person running and not the party they represent.

I grew up on Disney movies.  If you did as well you will know the title is from Snow White and is spoken by the evil queen.  She asks the mirror who is the fairest of them all.  The mirror has no choice, but to tell her what she wants to hear. The queen thought she was the most beautiful woman in all of the land.  She believed only what she wanted to believe and refused to hear anything from the mirror that changed her mind.  When the mirror mentioned Snow White the queen became enraged and began plotting Snow White’s demise.

Does this story sound familiar?  Think deeper. Forget this is a classic children’s movie and it revolves around vanity. What does Snow White have to do with politics in a chapter on Good vs. Evil?  You might think the Democrats are good and the Republicans are evil or your favorite politician is Snow White and their opponent is the evil queen.  You might even go one step further and say the story is a microcosm of the fight for the future of this country and each election is a battle where good will always win in the end because our nation depends on us getting it right.  Even if an election doesn’t go our way we will keep fighting until our side has full control.  Thus giving us our happy ending.

If only it were that simple.  What if I told you that the story has nothing to do with politicians and their affiliations.  How can this be?  It makes perfect sense?  The queen is evil, Snow White is good, this is a book about politics, case closed. Look into the mirror my friend. The story is about us.

Let that sink in for a second.  Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? Tell me what I want to hear.  I’m deaf on one side.  Speak into my other ear.  Am I losing you?  Unless you are truly hard of hearing I am speaking in symbolism.  Still don’t get it?  You have a left and right ear.  Get it? Left?  Right?  Good. Now back to politics.

Disney movies have storylines that have a recurring moral theme.  This movie may have an obvious sentiment of not being vain.  It also tells us to look into the mirror.  More importantly to listen to other opinions.  While they may be upsetting to us especially if there is some truth to it we have to accept that other people feel just as passionately about what they believe in.  What if they are right?

Don’t think it’s possible?  The left is the best and the right must be right?  Let’s play with letters.  Take the letter of your party and think of the most popular candidate who has held a major position representing that party from President to Senator and down the line.  Think of all the reasons why you voted for them if you were able to and what made them great?  I guarantee you each person will have someone in mind that may or may not be the same person you picked.

Was your choice chosen because of their affiliation or because of what they did and were able to accomplish regardless of having a majority or their party being in the minority.  My guess is you will say it’s because of what they did.  You may even add your personal feelings about them and say what a wonderful person they were.  Now change the political letter.  You might be apprehensive and defend your party by saying they would never vote that way if they were from the other party.

You may be right.  You also may be wrong.  No way?  You’ve never been wrong in your life?  I’ve been wrong many times in my life.  What I’ve learned to do is learn from my mistakes and listen to other points of view. If you change the letter they are still the same person just like you are.  The difference is compromise.  The best politicians learn to work together to do the peoples business.  This, after all, is why they were voted into office.

If we can look into the mirror and be honest with ourselves we will learn that there are good and bad people on both sides of the aisle.  There is no perfect party and by design, elections are won by majority.  Some will be happy, some will cry, others could care less about who is in power.  Either way we have to remember that what separates us does not destroy us and a different point of view can help us find solutions to problems we wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.  We were born with two ears and one mouth.  If we listen twice as much as we speak and see people for who they are and not what party they are from imagine what can be achieved.  It was too late for the evil queen but it is not too late for us.

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