Each day you wake up you have a choice to make.  You can choose to start your day and attend to your duties.  You can choose to approach life with a positive attitude. You can hold on to bitter grudges of the past or you can let them go.  If you are feeling under the weather you can choose to push thru and keep your commitments or you can take a sick day and rest your body and mind. Sometimes you just need a mental health day to reset your outlook.  Mental health days are great for the soul, especially when you didn’t plan on taking them.

I’m a firm believer in starting the day off with short mindfulness meditation. Five minutes of positive affirmation and deep breathing in a quiet room does wonders for the way you approach the rest of the day.  Inhaling positive thoughts, holding those deep breaths for a few seconds and exhaling the negativity and self-doubt in your mind while giving praise to God for another day is the best kind of self-care we can give ourselves.  No better way to start the day than with meditation, breakfast, coffee and a little loving if you have someone special in your life.

I was surfing the Internet before and noticed the debacle that is the Senate and House hearings of the findings of the Mueller report.  Yesterday Attorney General Barr spent several hours being grilled by members of the Senate.  As to be expected in politics half the room says things are great and the other half vilifies and hates.  The AG was scheduled to testify before the House today but declined after a change in procedure that would have allowed staff members to question him along with committee members.  The Democrats are in power and are allowed to change the rules within reason.  A strong chance they will issue a subpoena to the AG and force him to testify in the near future.

I can’t say I blame the attorney general for wanting to skip out on the grilling.  The report and his decision to not proceed with any criminal charges against the President on charges of collusion and obstruction of justice made the past two years of anti-Trump Russian election meddling narrative null and void.  In what was tantamount to the Hindenburg helium passenger balloon disaster of 1937, so too did the credibility of those promoting the 2016 election defeat premise and incessant promotion of it go down in flames.  Whether it is a scorned lover or angry party, hell hath no fury of a person betrayed.

The Democratic Party is at a crossroads.  Do they spend the next 18 months doubling down on Russian collusion theories and call the Attorney General a liar who covered up for Trump?  Or do they chalk up the findings of the Mueller investigation as a proverbial ‘loss’ and move on to build their case to the American public on why they should be the party to lead this country going forward.  Chances are they will stay angry for the foreseeable future and dwell on the past.  If they dwell for too long and keep trying to push for the impeachment of the President from his election in 2016 they will continue with that same message for his election in 2020.  The decision is theirs.

2020 Election DNC Mueller Report Russian Collusion

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