The Mueller report was released this past Thursday.  As indicated by the four-page summary given by the attorney general previously, the over 400-page report went into painstaking detail to explain the results of the twenty-two-month fact-finding mission.  The end result; Donald Trump, his family and campaign associates were innocent of all they were accused of.  In other words, there will be no more indictments relating to the 2016 Russian election interference investigation.  Case closed, period!

What was discovered? To start, Russian actors did in fact, with the aid of WikiLeaks hack the Democratic National Committee servers and release private emails.  Twitter and other social media outlets were used to disseminate those emails and other propaganda material to sew discord in the American electorate.  It is safe to say they achieved their goals.  The infamous Trump tower meeting that the liberal media placed so much credence into where a Russian lawyer was meeting with Donald Trump, Jr. allegedly colluding to plot against Hillary Clinton was a big dud. The biggest takeaway was that Trump, members of his family and some of his campaign associates retweeted posts from several Twitter accounts of which some were owned by members belonging to WikiLeaks.  If you were one of those people who by chance happened to retweet the same thing they did, congratulations!  You can add yourself to the list of people who colluded with the Trump campaign to defeat Hillary in the national election.

What was clear from the outset was that information obtained thru nefarious means used to dig up dirt on an opponent was politics 101.  It’s the reason why the term ‘October Surprise’ was coined.  Campaigns pay firms to find out any information they can, public or private to use against the opposing candidate.  What’s interesting is that the salacious Access Hollywood tape from eleven years prior, which contained audio of Trump and Billy Bush talking about women in a demeaning manner, was also private. Trump was not aware he was being recorded and that video had never been made public until it was released on October 07, 2016: one month before the national election.  That video was extremely damaging to Trump as a person, husband, and candidate.  Billy Bush was fired from his television-hosting job and has remained off the airwaves since. Bush’s wife also filed for divorce. Where was the public outcry over the release of that potential campaign derailing information?  Why did the Mueller team not investigate that?

Working with a foreign government or its citizens to influence an election is a serious charge. If we are to do some serious self-reflection we need to be honest about our own actions as a world power.  We have been involved with many campaigns to change the outcomes of elections in foreign countries.  We have also participated in and initiated regime changes in the name of democracy and removed dictators when it served our national interest.  Several wars have been waged and are currently ongoing for that same reason. Emails being hacked and released is bad for sure, but it hardly compares to toppling regimes whose leaders we don’t agree with.

The sanctimonious Mueller investigation that was touted by members of the liberal orthodoxy was supposed to vindicate their core belief that Donald Trump did not win the 2016 election because he had a message that resonated with the forgotten man and woman. It was supposed to prove collusion with Russia; a phrase repeated in ad nauseam.  The endless barrage of obstruction of justice and collusion claims by former intelligence officials who had an obvious hatred of the now president was supposed to be an undeniable truth, not a biased belief.  The problem was that it was all a bias belief: every last breaking news, BuzzFeed bombshell bit of it.

If you are someone who believed a lie and promoted it for the past two years it would be natural to question yourself after finding out everything you thought was true was not. You would probably ask yourself how you got it so wrong when so many other people were saying you were right. After the initial shock wears off and you come to terms with the truth you might even be inclined to admit you were wrong and offer an apology, especially if you were one of those people who promoted the groupthink on national TV, online and in print media. That would be what someone who has the ability to do honest reflection would do.

Unfortunately, that is not many of the people you see on TV.  They have invested so much time and energy promoting this false prognosis of why their chosen candidate lost.  To admit that she was defeated for any other reason than Russian collusion would mean they would have to accept the outcome of the election along with Trump being the legitimate president and they can’t do that.  The fact that several of those left-leaning outlets recently received Pulitzer prizes for their coverage of the Russian collusion investigation after Attorney General Barr stated there was no collusion between Trump and the Russians only codifies their elitist beliefs.

Political newspapers, websites, and channels have a narrative they promote to the public. While some claim to be ‘fair and balanced’ and ‘real news’ they all have a base they tailor their reporting to. CNN, MSNBC and the New York Times to list a few, provide commentary from journalists, reporters, and hosts who have a liberal left-leaning persuasion.  The opposite is true for Fox News and OANN.  People who spent the majority of their time listening to the programming of the former over the past two years are amongst the millions who are disappointed with the results of the Mueller report and the un-kept promises of collusion by those outlets.  So much so that ratings for some of the biggest proponents and promoters of the Russian collusion narrative like The Rachel Maddow show lost close to 500,000 viewers on the Monday show following the release of the four-page summary from the attorney general.  It’s hard to remain credible and retain viewers when the only facts you report are your opinion.

If the members of the media want to regain the public trust they need to stop patting themselves on the back thru useless awards that prove they were not right and admit they were wrong. The road to recovery is to first accept the truth as it is and not as an inconvenient distraction.  Going on the air and saying our coverage and dissemination of unfounded collusion was justified and accurate and not admitting they got it wrong is similar to that of an addict who is unwilling to admit they have a problem.

The first principle in the alcoholics anonymous 12-step program is, “Honesty. We admitted that we were powerless over alcohol – that our lives had become unmanageable.” Maybe those who are having a hard time coming to terms with the results of the report and the role they played can join a liberal anonymous program.  They can start off each group meeting by being honest and saying we admit we are powerless over our hatred for the president – our lives have become unmanageable.  With reflection and support, maybe then they will join the rest of the world.  For their sakes and any hope they have of restoring their credibility, I hope they do.

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