Five letters.  Five letters that can consume you and take over your life.  When you let it get the best of you obsession takes over and you stop thinking clearly. The hatred you have for someone or something becomes all you can think about.  You try and live your life like you did before but every time you are reminded of the person or thing you hate your blood starts to boil and you return to that mental state.  That is the power of anger.

I’m usually an even-keeled person.  I try and stay in a Zen-like mode, which is not always easy and I believe I’m fairly intelligent.  This does not mean I’m not human.  Think of all the trivial things that might make you upset.  Your favorite team losing a game, contestants on a reality show getting booted off.  Emotional highs and lows that in the grand scheme of things are not memorable. These are temporary moments of sadness that may make you mad but hopefully will not make you angry.

Some events are truly tragic like violent assaults and the loss of a loved one.  The anger you feel from that time may never go away and will undoubtedly stick with you for many years to come.  Therapy helps along with the comfort of friends and family.  The road to peace is long and the baggage you carry from that time is heavy.  Everyone handles healing differently.  Eventually, you have to learn to let go of the pain so you can move on with your life. Once you do the anger will lose its power over you.

As much as this post has personal meaning for me I understand what causes me anger may not be the same for you.  Since my blog is about politics I will tie it all in with one name, Donald Trump.  Now if you felt your blood pressure rise just now you are whom I am writing this post for.  Anger and hate are like brothers and sisters.  Both are from the same family but are uniquely different. You may hate that he won the election but it shouldn’t make you angry.  538 electors, not the popular vote decide the Electoral College.  It was designed that way to give a voice to the entire country, not just the most populated states.

There is a growing push in this country to do away with the Electoral College and to go with the popular vote.  Some state representatives are trying a back door approach of allocating their states electorates to the winner of the national popular vote regardless of the overall vote count in their state.  I would like to remind those people that they are appointed as electorates to represent the will of the people living in their state, not the entire country. Every state has different laws and provisions.  Tax rates and economic opportunity play a big role in a person’s decision on where they will live their life.  Having your vote oppressed because some people don’t like the way the Constitution was set up should not be a deciding factor on where you live.  Unless and until there is a Constitutional amendment those representatives should keep their feelings to themselves and represent the will of all of the citizens of their state, not just the ones who voted Democratic.

There were many elections where the winner was not whom I voted for.  I was upset at the results and couldn’t understand how people voted for the other person.  Then something predictable happened; time.  Time heals all wounds.  Time also provides us with future elections.  Term limits also help in shifting the balance of power.  People come and go and opinions, possibly your own can change.  The person you voted against in one election may be the person you vote for in the next.

There are many things that are out of your control like the weather and other people’s actions.  Fortunately, attitude and outlook on life are not amongst that group.  You can choose to be angry or choose to be happy.  You can choose to think the country is going in the wrong direction and remind yourself that the next election is no more than two and four years away.  Ultimately you can live a full life and not let politics consume you.  If you find yourself watching a large number of political channels, remember that the hosts on those shows are paid to promote a narrative to increase their ratings.  It wouldn’t be the worst thing to change the channel or turn off the TV completely along with politics for a while.

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