What If?

What if?  What if things are the way they are?  What would you say if you see it that way?  What would you do if the truth is the truth? Would you call it a lie regardless of facts and of proof?  When the inquisition is done, investigation no more.  Will you call it like it is, or say there must be more?  Amongst a jury of your peers, a decision must be made. Do we accept the Mueller report, regardless of how it’s laid?

Two years have gone by and countless millions more.  The world will soon find out what’s behind the closed door.  One man holds the key to all we want to see.  The report will be concluded and turned over to the A.G. What will he release?  Will we see the whole thing?  Redactions and National Security.  What will that report bring?

Will we finally learn the truth about meddling and collusion?  Did Trump win fair and square or was that all a right-wing illusion? Did Trump win in 2016 with the help of Vladimir Putin?  Were Wiki Leaks retained to hack emails for distribution?  Or did they do it for free as a form of retribution?  A DNC backed dossier done by Steele and GPS Fusion.  Perhaps that is to blame, this attack on our institution.  What if it’s only an attack because the media’s bad at choosing?

Winners and losers; it’s a zero-sum game.  Someone has to lose unless Clinton is your last name.  There’s no way she could have lost.  The popular vote was three million more.  She should have been the first female president.  She was knocking on history’s door.  With an experience that’s vast and political jobs galore.  No one was more qualified.  This smells rotten to the core.

How could she have lost to someone who’s never run before?  A reality TV star like the cast of Jersey Shore?  A man who screams “You’re Fired!”  That’s whom people voted for?  Sure half of them were deplorable.  A basket filled with isms we abhor.  They were sexist anyway and tell their women who to vote for.  What happened?  Read her book.  Then you can ask her on her tour.

Elections have consequences. The midterms are proof of that. The balance of power is now split between Republicans and Democrats.  The pendulum will swing from left to right and back again.  Like religion and politics, the conversation will never end.  The Mueller report will be released and it will be what it will be.  If the report shows no collusion then obstruction is the key. The game is politics and there’s always a plan B.  You might see a plan Z until they see a victory.

If the report confirms collusion then Trump deserves to be impeached.  If the opposite is true that a decision must be reached.  Will we return to civility and learn from mistakes that many made?  Will we call the media out for the bias it displayed?  Will we accept the will of the people even if we feel dismayed? Will we accept that Clinton lost because that’s how the game is played?  Or will we continue with this partisan charade?  Every voter has a voice.  Will we respect the choice they made?  

What if 2020 is a repeat?  What if the winner is Bernie?  Or Kamala, or Amy or any other that you see?  The road to 270 goes from sea to shining sea.  Forget about collusion and prove your case to WE.  For we are the people who will ultimately decide who’s going to the White House.  Not political parties pride.

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