What is the role of government when it comes to educating our children?  If you have children do you home school them, send them to public school or are you in a financial position where you can have your children attend a religious school or private institution?  All of those options come down to personal preference and economic ability.

I never gave this topic that much thought in the past.  I always figured if you could afford to send your kids to a private school you would do it if you thought it would result in a better education for your child.  More money doesn’t always translate to a better education.  Yes, they may provide a more rigorous curriculum and possibly smaller classroom sizes.  That’s great if it’s true.  Ultimately it’s up to the parents to stay on top of their children’s schoolwork and to make sure they are understanding what they are being taught while learning at a pace that a student can handle.

Over the past few years, I’ve been seeing more and more coverage of what some correspondents on the right like to call “College Campus Craziness.”  We all know the majority of people in academia have a liberal persuasion. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinions and debate on the campus of all topics is the hallmark of higher learning. I’ve heard stories of students saying they had to tailor their reports to lean liberal in order to get a good grade. This is sad and speaks volumes to the insecurities of some of our educators and their inability to accept an opposing viewpoint.  What it’s also doing is teaching our youth to tell someone who’s in a position of authority whatever they want to hear even if it’s not the truth.  I guess that’s a precursor for life.

Tucker Carlson along with several other media figures has spent a significant amount of their time reporting on the anti-conservative environment in many of our colleges and universities.  Some of the most notable institutions of ‘higher learning’ that have received negative coverage in the recent past are Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington and U.C. Berkeley in California.  Rather than going into the many incidents against conservative students and invited speakers at those schools I invite you to do an internet search at your leisure so you can become more informed at the goings on of those and other colleges.  I promise you will have plenty of articles to choose from.

What you will find is that anyone who has an opinion that is not anti-Trump and challenges liberal orthodoxy is quickly and resoundingly shouted down and vilified by fellow classmates and many of the faculty.  Sometimes violence is the preferred method of forced compliance.  Destruction of property and protests over the invitation of conservative speakers like Ann Coulter and Ben Shapiro have resulted in some universities canceling their appearances.  The administrator’s typical response is that they had to cancel the speeches because they could not ensure the safety of everyone attending.

This may be a convenient truth if the universities were cash strapped and could not afford to hire additional security or request assistance from local law enforcement.  With tuition averaging in the high five figures per semester at many of those beacons of enlightenment along with generous endowments from their alumni, I strongly doubt this is the case.

What’s ironic is that U.C. Berkeley was the leader of free speech in the sixties and seventies. Dialogue and debate over differing opinions were promoted and encouraged as a way to foster growth and critical thinking.  More importantly, it was designed to avoid groupthink and enhance the students’ worldview to opinions that differ from their own.  Isn’t that what college is supposed to do?

I have two children of my own: one is in elementary school and the other is a freshman in high school. Like many of you, I have been putting money away each month in an education savings account so I can help cover the costs of college should they decide to go.  I want them to go to college like a lot of parents because I want them to have the best chance of success in life.  Having a college degree will not ensure that.  Mounting debt and outstanding student loan obligations in this country of over a trillion dollars would make any sane person wonder if the investment is worth it.

I’ve been giving it much more serious consideration as I’ve witnessed first hand what is being taught in my local public schools.  Civics and patriotism are being phased out gradually.  In its place are liberal indoctrination topics like white privilege and the reason a woman has never been elected as President is because the country is sexist.  It really makes me question the leadership of local superintendents, principals, and other faculty members who allow this propaganda to be disseminated in the classroom under the false cover of education.

The role of a classroom facilitator is to teach, not preach.  It is not the job of a bureaucrat at the board of education to slowly and methodically instill their political leanings onto a child’s impressionable mind.  That right is reserved for the person that is ultimately responsible for the belief and value system of the child: the parent.

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