Ah, election season, the season that never ends.  Every two and four years the game begins.  Politicians who are interested in running for President usually announce their candidacy a year and a half before the election date.  This is to give them enough time to fundraise and build up excitement for their position and platform.  The candidates in this year’s field are facing an uphill battle and have wasted no time in voicing their intent.  They’ve formed exploratory committees, believed the hype from their yes people, secured initial funding from donors with deep pockets and called the media to say here I am America, I’m running for President!  All I have to say is welcome to the party…next!

The Democratic primaries will safely have a minimum of 15 – 20 people running for the position with 5 – 10 making the final cut.  Think of the show Survivor or a Miss America contest.  The Republican Party may also see some never Trumper’s look to unseat the incumbent.  Safe to say with the popularity of Donald Trump amongst his base and establishment Republicans who are now on board with the Presidents agenda and message, those horses will not make it out of the gate let alone reach the finish line.

You also have some Independents like Michael Bloomberg and Howard Schultz of Starbucks fame.  Bloomberg who has been practically every party you can think of said he may run on the Democratic platform because it’s the best chance for him to win.  Schultz, who said he doesn’t see himself in either party is currently promoting his memoir on a book tour and is undecided.  He did say he would do his best to make sure Donald Trump is not re-elected.  Isn’t that kind of him?  Nothing like a group of protestors and concerted attack by the liberal media to keep a viable candidate who may actually have a shot of winning in line with the Democratic message.  How’s that for forced inclusivity?

Let’s look at who has joined the race of Democratic nominees so far.  I’ll focus on those with name recognition to save time and effort.  You can entertain yourself by seeing the complete field online.  Go to ballotpedia.org for the most up to date list.

•    Cory Booker, Senator, NJ

•    Julian Castro, Former Mayor/Secretary of HUD

•    Tulsi Gabbard, Representative, Hawaii

•    Kirsten Gillibrand, Senator, New York

•    Amy Klobuchar, Senator, Minnesota

•    Kamala Harris, Senator, California

•    Elizabeth Warren, Senator, Massachusetts 

There are at least 30 more Democrats and several celebrities who have expressed interest in running for the office but haven’t made their decision official.  It’s still early and they have a few more months to decide. Once we hit June it’s full-on campaign mode until November 2020.  The rhetoric will get heated and the gloves will come off.  There are no friends when you’re running for President in the primaries, only challengers.  Whoever can out-fundraise and out ‘left’ the other will be the last person standing and facing Donald Trump on the debate stage next fall.

I wish I could say may the best person win.  Unfortunately, with the Socialist agenda the Democratic Party has embraced over the past few years along with their continued push for open borders I don’t see any moderate Democrat with centrist views securing the parties nomination. The way they attacked Howard Schultz after he said he was in the middle tells you all you need to know about how far left that party has gone.

The Democratic Party of today resembles nothing of the party you may have grown up with unless you’re a millennial.  Instead of being for the workingman they are for a Green New Deal that subsidizes ‘unwillingness to work.’  Instead of being for the American people they are for Sanctuary cities and overcrowded schools.  They care more about criminal illegal aliens being protected from ICE then ICE protecting our citizens from criminal illegal aliens.  They have embraced identity politics to sew seeds of division under the guise of inclusivity.

Labels of Racism and Sexism against anyone not liberal or Democratic are alive and well in the Democratic-controlled Commonwealth of Virginia today.  Yes, the party of slavery and bigotry has done a great job in convincing many that they are the future this country needs.  Perhaps a look in the mirror and search of Socialism in Venezuela will tell you all you need to know about what the party stands for today.

If a Democrat or any other challenger wants to win the majority of votes they need to take positions that the majority of the country believes in.  Leaning too far left or right will only speak to the outer fringes of the base.  If you want to appeal to independent and undecided voters you have to meet them in the middle.  Failure to do so and doubling down on radical ideology instead of embracing an America first agenda that worked to elect the winner in 2016 will be like déjà vu all over again in 2020.

2020 Election Socialism

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